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During 2020 campaign at the price of 2590 euros.

This level adds to the STANDARD version more advanced punching instruments, with more types of deposit points:

Substrates, to create the repetitive modules with different effects previously created and personalized; motifs management in area and in curve to repeat one motive along a curve or inside of area; advanced font management with a true type lettering function, to create the texts starting from any font installed on the computer, heaving a possibility to create the text in filling, cord or in sewing, to make permanent and personalized modifications to all created characters.




Also included are: automatic optimization of embroidery sequence, the alignment of contiguous filling areas, a possibility to combine the intersection or overlap of more shapes and automatic recognition of the outline color area in an image. That level is destabilized by presence of Auto-punching: a very powerful useful tool that allows to transform automatically any image in editable embroidery.