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This tool provides full freedom in the implementation of the lettering, as it allows you to punch any true type font and create your own personal database of embroidered fonts. The tool is designed primarily to meet the needs of professional embroiderers, and therefore makes available, in addition to the automatic font creation, the tools for the correction and customization of the sequence of stitches.

With this convenient tool it is not necessary to calculate all the alphabet: the single letters are gradually added to the font database as they are used. Changes made to a font are permanent and the normal size lettering is managed separately from the small size one.

The result is striking: the resulting fonts are always perfect and really compete with those manually punched. Request a demo of this great product and see by yourself!

Let's now see some screenshot regarding the true type lettering. You have full control over the font to be used, the font height, the reference line for the positioning, the distance or spacing between the characters, the punching parameters (for big or small sized characters) and the type of stitch to be used in the fill:



The processing of the embroidery may take a few seconds if the font or the characters have never been used before, otherwise the processing is almost immediate. At the end of the calculation process, the requested embroidery will be displayed on screen:



In the following tutorials you can see the True Type Lettering use


Here you see the old interface of the program but the tool is the same