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Millennium X is a professional program as it can manage the import and export of embroideries in a wide variety of formats. We all know how long it takes to create a collection of embroideries and how important it is to protect your investment by always having access to your work. With Millennium X you will always be able to read and import any embroidery, even if it has an outdated format.

Millennium X supports an extensive range of import/export devices including floppy disks, embroidery machines (Barudan, Brother, Happy, Pfaff, SWF, Tajima, Toyota, Zangs, Zsk)

The floppy disk formats supported include the most widely used: Barudan FDR III, Barudan MFC, Barudan HD, Happy, Juki B, Melco DOS, Mitsubishi, Pfaff, Tajima, Toyota, Zsk

Millennium X also supports a lot of file formats like those of AutoDesk, Barudan, Tajima, Zsk, Happy, Juki, Melco, Mitsubishi, Pfaff, Toyota, Eltac, Brother, Janome :

Adobe Illustrator *.ai Adobe
Autodesk *.dxf Autodesk
Autodesk *.dwg Autodesk
Barudan *.u?? Barudan
Barudan FDR *.fdr Barudan
Barudan MFC *.dat Barudan
Barudan MFC *.fmc Barudan
Barudan Tajima *.e?? Tajima
Barudan Zsk *.f?? Zsk
Brother PEC *.pec Brother
Brother PES *.pes Brother
Enhanched Meta File *.emf MetaFile
FocusCuc TGL *.tgl Proel Cut File
Happy *.tap Happy
Husqvarna HUS *.hus Husqvarna HUS
Husqvarna-Viking SHV *.shv Husqvarna-Viking SHV
Janome JEF *.jef Janome JEF
Janome SEW *.sew Janome SEW
Juki B *.m3 Juki B
Melco Expanded *.exp Melco Exp
MIllennium CXM *.cxm Proel Millennium CXM
Mitsubishi *.??? Mitsubishi
Pfaff *.ksm Pfaff
Pfaff PCS *.pcs Pfaff PCS
Post Script *.pcs Post Script
Proel CU7 *.cu7 Proel Cut File
Proflex LAM *.lam Proel Proflex LAM
Proflex PUM *.pum Proel Proflex PUM
Prowin LMU *.lmu Proel Proflex LMU
Prowin PMU *.pmu Proel Proflex PMU
Tajima *.dst Tajima
Tajima Barudan *.dsb Barudan
Tajima TBF *.tbf Tajima TBF
Tajima Zsk *.dsz Zsk
Toyota *.10o Toyota
Viking VIP *.vip Husqvarna HUS
Viking-Pfaff VP3 *.vp3 Viking-Pfaff VP3
Wilcom Barudan *.t03 Barudan
Wilcom Eltac *.t02 Eltac
Wilcom Pfaff *.t09 Pfaff
Wilcom Tajima *.t01 Tajima
Wilcom Zsk *.t05 Zsk
Windows Meta File *.wmf MetaFile
ZSK Z00 *.z?? ZSK Z00



  • .??? - Mitsubishi (??? = 100 - 249)
  • .10o - Toyota
  • .cnd - Melco Condensed
  • .dat - Barudan FMC
  • .dsb - Tajima Barudan
  • .dst - Tajima
  • .dsz - Tajima Zsk
  • .e?? - Barudan Tajima (?? = 01 - 99)
  • .exp - Melco Expanded
  • .f?? - Barudan Zsk (?? = 01 - 99)
  • .fdr - Barudan FDR
  • .fmc - Barudan FMC
  • .hus - Husqvarna
  • .jef - Janome
  • .ksm - Pfaff
  • .m3 - Juki B
  • .pcs - Pfaff
  • .pec - Brother
  • .pes - Brother
  • .pmu - Proel ProWin Embroidery Format
  • .pum - Proel ProFlex Embroidery Format
  • .sew - Janome
  • .shv - Husqvarna-Viking
  • .tap - Happy (HappyJapan)
  • .tbf - Tajima
  • .u?? - Barudan (?? = 01 - 99)
  • .vip - Viking
  • .vp3 - Viking-Pfaff
  • .z?? - ZSK (?? = 00 - 99)