Realistic Effect

Millennium III is capable of performing a realistic display of your embroidery so as to enable you to appreciate the quality of your work as it would be done by the embroidery machine. By customizing the colors directly from the Pantone tables or from the business yarn sets provides by the program, you will have the feeling of viewing the embroidery as just produced by the embroidery machine.

With this instrument, along with many utilities such as the slow draw included in Millennium III, you will examine your work as if you were in front of your embroidery machine, and you will be able to show an accurate preview to your customers and possibly to make adjustments to details that, without the realistic effect, would be visible only after completion of the first samples.

To see this tool in action, consider the embroidery shown below:

Realistic Effect - Example

A close-up view reveals the precision of the realistic effect; it provides you an effective "what's you see is what you get" view of your work:

Realistic Effect - Closeup