The flexible shortenings management of Millennium III will allow even the inexperienced embroiderer to create impeccable embroideries thanks to the correct stitch density management. The embroiderer will not have to correct the stitches in the critical areas of the embroidery, but he or she can concentrate on the design activity: the correct stitch calculations will be done automatically by Millennium III.

Millennium III is able to introduce shortenings if the stitch density is below a value set by the user (or calculated by the system): this will prevent the overlapping of the stitches. The following example shows an embroidery before and after the shortenings management; consider for instance this embroidery:

Shortenings - Disabled

Let's enable the shortenings and set the maximum number of consecutive shortened stitches, the shortening percentage and the minimum density as shown below:

Shortenings - Dialog

Having enabled the shortening option, you can see that there are no more overlapping stitches or stitches that are too close to each other:

Shortenings - Enabled