Millennium III is able to manage many types of sequins (paillettes): circle, cross, diamond, flower, and square.

Sequin - Types

Making an embroidery that uses the sequins is very simple: you can freely define the sequin disposition and then proceed to the creation of the embroidery by focusing only on the design; all the stitches calculation will be automatically executed by the program. Millennium III is able to handle the stitch disposition on user-defined curves and also over an entire area, allowing the management of two distinct types of sequins in the same embroidery.

To deposit a series of sequins just prepare a single motif (with one sequin) and then deposit the series by using the Motif on curve work mode.

Sequin - Example

A close-up view of the previous embroidery:

Sequin - Close Up

Using Millennium III the creation of embroideries with sequins is simple and fun!