Corner Management

Millennium III has an advanced corner management able to solve all the situations that you may encounter during the design of an embroidery. The corner effect is particularly important for entities like column, and allows an optimal stitch distribution on the shape corners. To attest this, we will show how the application of the appropriate corner effect can greatly improve the stitches arrangement.

With Millennium III it is easy to apply the desired effect on the corners; in the following example you can see an embroidery without any corner effect applied:

Corner Management - None

The next figures show how the stitch arrangement can be improved by setting the proper corner effect; the effect can be set to None, Regular or Miter:

Corner Management - Dialog

In case of a Regular corner, you can set the distance where rotation of the stitches begins before the corner and the distance where rotation stops after the corner:

Corner Management - Regular

By choosing a Miter effect, the corner is stitched in two separate sections; you can set the stitch length (which controls the separation effect) and the correction (which indicates by how much the most external stitch of the corner must be indented and serves to prevent the corner from appearing too pointy on the fabric):

Corner Management - Miter

The stitches of the column entities will be always optimally distributed by choosing the more appropriate corner type!