Millennium III is a professional program as it can manage the import and export of embroideries in a wide variety of formats. We all know how long it takes to create a collection of embroideries and how important it is to protect your investment by always having access to your work. With Millennium III you will always be able to read and import any embroidery, even if it has an outdated format.

Millennium III supports an extensive range of import/export devices including floppy disks, embroidery machines (Barudan, Brother, Happy, Pfaff, SWF, Tajima, Toyota, Zangs, Zsk), tape readers, tape punchers:

Import Export - Control Panel

The floppy disk formats supported include the most widely used:

Import Export - Floppy

There are many predefined tape readers and new ones can easily be created:

Import Export - Tape

Millennium III also supports a lot of file formats like those of AutoDesk, Barudan, Tajima, Zsk, Happy, Juki, Melco, Mitsubishi, Pfaff, Toyota, Eltac, Brother, Janome :

Import Export - File

Embroidery Machine File Formats :