Millennium III has a sophisticated system for embroidery registration and classification that lets you associate to you work all the necessary information used in real situations.

Thanks to the Archive, you will be able to organize your embroidery files by subdividing them into different categories and ordering them according to different criteria and, by setting filter parameters, to carry out searches in the Database to display only those embroidery files that satisfy your requests.

The embroidery files managed by the Archive may be opened using Millennium III or may be exported in machine format onto a file, disk or embroidery machine. Furthermore, the Archive is equipped with useful tools such as Compression, that makes it possible to reduce the disk space occupied, and Backup that makes it possible to avoid problems associated with accidental loss of data.

Archive - User Interface

Furthermore, the Archive makes it possible to easily create catalogues that may be printed and distributed to your customers:

Archive - Catalog Example

It is also possible to create catalogues that may be published on your Internet site and distributed on CD-Rom to your customers:

Archive - Browser Example