Everyone knows how long it can take the setup of the passages between the embroidery entities (and the management of the entry and exit points of each entity), and how boring it can be this even for simple embroideries.

The sequence optimization is a powerful feature that allows you to create an embroidery without bothering to properly set the entry/exit points and the links among the entity embroideries, which will be created automatically using the areas of embroidery not already punched.

This innovative tool handles both monocolored and multicolored embroideries by taking advantage of the portions not already punched. Here we can see how an embroidery created regardless of the punching order and the positioning of the entry/exit points will be optimized through this powerful tool.

Consider for example an embroidery where the order of the entities causes a lot of jumps:

Sequence - Unordered Embroidey

To order the entities just select them and start the sequence optimization:

Sequence - Entity Selection

After a few seconds, the entities of the embroidery will be optimally ordered:

Sequence - Ordered Embroidey