Autopunch is a powerful feature of Millennium III that allows you to turn any image into a beautiful embroidery ready to be immediately created with your embroidery machine. The functions made available by the program enable you to process the original image by reducing the number of colors to the desired value, and to preview the possible processing results.

The configuration data, which is editable through a wizard, will help you to dominate all aspects of your embroidery; you can specify for example the area of background that should not be developed and the calculation details of the satins and columns. At the end of the autopunch procedure you will have an embroidery that, like any other embroidery, can always be changed in every aspect you desire through the powerful editing tools of Millennium III. This tool is particularly suited to process cartoon images, but it can properly manage every type of image.

Consider for example this image imported in Millennium III:

Autopunch - Original Image

The use of AutoPunch is immediate as the user interface consists of a Wizard structured in several steps (a dialog window corresponds to each step); in each step you can specify the parameters relative to a definite stage of the autopunch process. During the AutoPunch configuration phase, the user may select which dialog windows to display in the Wizard or even to disable them all in order to immediately start the autopunch process using the parameters set during the configuration phase. This is the final step of the wizard:

Autopunch - Wizard

With autopunch you go from the image to the embroidery with just a few mouse clicks:

Autopunch - Punched Image